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Sundi Richard@sundilu

As an instructional designer / collaborator, I am intrigued with the world as a classroom and the learning that can happen both in personal and public spaces. I advocate for teaching and learning in the open when possible and encourage faculty to explore their digital identity as a way to start developing digital pedagogy.

#digciz (digital citizenship) #digpins (digital pedagogy identity networks and scholarship)

Collaboration and spaces of vulnerability are an essential part of everything I do.

This space is to work through my thoughts on conversations that start in social spaces both face to face and online.



  1. Swans represent purity, your an optimist . that’s a rare trait to find these days. Say Hi! to Mr. Dimples for me.
    Allison L Lynds

  2. Sundi–How are you? I’ve found myself navigating this strange digital world trying to find you and that guy that often hangs out near you. How can we get and stayed connected. I have big news for the two of you!!! Miss you all tons. I hope we can reconnect!!!

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