Creative Projects

thisisus (art exhibit at The Guild September 2nd – 13th 2015) 

@sundilu and @daniellynds are wife and husband, co-creators, and collaborators.  They reuse found images to make confusing, magical, and often unsettling collage pieces that reflect different personas. These personas come to life in the 6 second videos of Vine that they create and share with the world through the internetz.

“this is us” brings together recent reflections on their collages and Vines into a local physical space, as well as a selection of collages they have made over the past decade together. Rough edges, strong colours, the look of something lo-fi or handmade, all blend into an aesthetic in both their collage and Vine pieces. The centrepiece of the show are nine pairs of looping Vines and collage images.

If you wish to tell people about the show on the social mediaz, you can reference individual squares with the #squarexx from the title sheet. The show was hoping to use #thisisus but that was hijacked by One Direction, so it got localized to #thisisuspei  🙂

Special thanks to IMAC for the television, Outi at Michael’s for unintentional inspiration, Mike Needham at UPEI photography, the Zapf family for help setting up, Lori Joy Smith because she rules, Value Village for clownage, and the Guild for giving quirk a chance.