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Part 21 of Storyjumper for #DigiWriMo – The Uke Calls

This is part 21 of a storyjumper for Digital Writing Month. To read the story (so far), follow the links:

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For a mapping of participants check here. If you would like to participate add your name to the Google Doc.

Back to the troupe of humans…

The smell of salt water and humidity filled their lungs, and a breeze made their arms tickle. They blinked in the semi darkness, their eyes adjusting after having just been in the well lit tea shop. It seemed like for once they controlled their fate and had willed themselves to Hawaii. But had they? Had they really? And how could they be sure this was Hawaii? In the distance they heard the sound of a lone uke playing.


Sarah perked up and motioned and they headed towards the sound, all feeling sand in their pockets and wondering if they had been to this beach already. They saw a figure in the distance and as they got closer, she suddenly disappeared and they realized they had just walked into the ocean, the low waves hitting at their ankles.

~Is that a uke floating out there?~ asked Kevin, pointing at a floating blob in the distance.

The others strained to see whether or not it was in fact a uke, because if it was, they would at least have another lead, something to follow. They all turned and twisted their necks, and squinted and opened their eyes wide. Two hours later, the sun started to come up, and they realized it was a turtle, slowly swimming toward the shore, and the water was now up to their chests. They woke up out of their reverie and ran to the shore.

~It is easy to become mesmerized by this beauty.~ Sarah said as she lay in the sand.

Kevin took the map out of his pocket to make sure it wasn’t damaged. It was completely soaked.

~Ah, damn. Look at this. I think it’s completely… wait, is this a pattern?~

But as he looked around, he realized they were all asleep. And he too began to feel the need to lay in the sand…


***Note – The lovely uke song was care of my sister, who did a quick recording for me, at night, in NM.


  1. Aha! At last the pattern has been found by our crusaders!

    Awesome your sister recorded that for you (and for us). Thank you sister!

    1. I was happy that I got the crew enroute to Hawaii. I got the chance to visit a couple years back and it is ridiculously nice.

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