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the #digciz slowchat – digital residents & visitors

This is the fifth week of #digciz chats, chats about digital citizenship specifically in higher ed. If you have not been following, (wait have you not been following?), Autumm Caines and I decided to have these open weekly chats because she is working on a freshman seminar course on digital citizenship and I am working with faculty exploring digital identity and digital citizenship. We saw an opportunity to work through our ideas and find out what is already happening on this stage.

We’ve had the honor of having people pop in every week and contribute to conversation, and in last week’s Twitter chat, talk about lurking and the need for time to think before responding, led to the idea of having a slow chat. I must say that thoughts of slow cooked meat immediately came to my mind (and still remain) as I think about how a chat over a day/date happens.

This week we have a Google Hangout scheduled, to discuss where to go from here with our #digciz discussions. We will still carry on with the GHO Wednesday, February 24th at 1pm (CST) / 2pm (EST), but we hope to let the slow chat simmer throughout the day, looking at digital citizenship through the lens of what David White describes as visitors and residents. How do these different modes of engagement on the web influence what being a responsible digital citizen means? How can looking at the varying modes of engagement help us to understand what we mean by digital citizen? How will people engage in this conversation, and how many will we know about? Is that important?

We hope you have time to check out #digciz on February 24th, during all/any time zones, and join in.

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