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DigPINS Round 1


This is a pilot 4-week online course I ran for faculty at St. Norbert College exploring digital pedagogy, identity, networks, & scholarship. The course content and some of the discussion was in our LMS, but much of the course happened in the open as participants posted on their blogs, guest speakers talked to us in live Google Hangouts, some conversation happened on the Twitter hashtag #digpins, and we participated in live Twitter chats.

Course Methodology

Week 1: Finding your digital space

Blogs and Twitter accounts get started. Reflection on digital identity.


The World as Classroom – David Kulma

Scholar, google thyself – Inger Mewburn

How to Maintain Your Digital Identity as an Academic – Kelli Marshall

Week 2: Teaching and learning with video and other media

Exploring the use of video and other media for both teaching and learning.


Pedagogical Differences in Media – (Teaching in a Digital Age, Tony Bates)

Choosing and Using Media in Education – (Teaching in a Digital Age, Tony Bates)

Chuck Severance talks to #Humanmooc about making authentic instructor videos

Week 3 Teaching and learning in the open

Looking at the affordances and challenges of working in the open.


Working in/at Public – Robin De Rosa

Twitter for Teachers: an experiment in openness – Bonnie Stewart

Teaching with Twitter – Podcast w/ Jessie Strommel

Guest Speaker Robin DeRosa speaks about Open Pedagogy

Week 4 Exploring networks for teaching and learning


Collection of Research Related to Networked Scholarship – George Veletsianos

Open to Influence – Bonnie Stewart

The Weird and Wonderful World of Academic Twitter – Glen Wright

Guest Speaker Bonnie Stewart speaks about Developing Networks

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