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#DigPINS Round 2

In January of 2016 I did an experimental online faculty development course with six faculty members at St. Norbert College. Here is the original course outline. I’m very excited to start the course with a second group of participants. I learned a lot from the last go around and I have changed some of the structure of the course. I’ve added bringing in David O. White’s VR typology and VR mapping as an activity that we do in week 1.

I’ve also decided to try running the course in Slack. I recently read Kate Bowle’s post on her experiment, so I thought this would be a good group to try it out with. I’ve been using Slack with several online communities I am a part of, so putting the Slack team / course environment together for #DigPINS has been obvious and easy. I’m curious to see how it goes with those who haven’t used it before. A large part of this course is working in the open through our course hashtag #DigPINS and through blog posts, but I still wanted a course base. I will continue to post on how this going in all aspects.

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