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Invitation for #DigPINS Twitter Chat – Tuesday January 17th 4pm (CST)

As part of an ongoing discussion about Digital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship (#DigPINS) specifically in higher education, I invite all interested in joining in a live Twitter chat this Tuesday, January 17th at 4pm (CST) using #DigPINS.

This chat is greatly influenced by #DigPed chats started by Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris and talked about here. This chat will focus on working with students in both bound and open spaces. We are starting a new year and many of us starting a new semester in a very different and challenging societal climate. How are we all approaching our work? What is happening in classrooms and how does it relate to what is happening outside of classrooms? How does this influence our work with students?

For participants unfamiliar with synchronous Twitter chats, @sundilu (that’t me) will post 5 questions at regular intervals during the hour long chat in order to lead/feed the discussion. You can join in by answering a question or replying directly to tweets of others who have answered. Please tag every post with #DigPINS so we can follow what you post. Lurkers are always welcome (feel free to just “listen”).

#DigPINS is an ongoing group of faculty and staff at St. Norbert College exploring digital pedagogy. We will be drawing from these two articles.

The Death of the Digital Native – four provocations from Digifest speaker Donna Lanclos

Navigating the Marvellous Catherine Cronin

#DigPINS will also be talking with Donna Lanclos on Wednesday, January 18th at 4pm (CST). You are welcome to watch here.


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